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You have come to the right place. Welsch Heating and Cooling Co. is here to serve you.  24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You will ALWAYS be answered by a live person. Call us at 314-567-6347. Our 122 years of experience and 100% guarantee of our performance will assure you that we will get the job done right. Not only will we do our work at a fair price but we WILL NOT try to sell you anything you don’t need. 


Here are two examples of the beautiful Architectural Sheet Metal work our Craftsmen can perform.

1/2 Round gutter on a curved turret. Try it. Metal doesn’t like to bend in two directions but our guys make it happen.

A new traditional copper roof.



Summer Weather is almost here!. Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year to have your air conditioner maintained/serviced. Call us today at 314-567-6347 to arrange your appointment. If new equipment is needed we have several rebates available!!    We look forward to serving you.



We hope you have seen our billboards on Hwy 40/I64 and Hwy 94/I364. Just in case you haven’t:


ACCA 2016 Residential Contractor of the Year Award Ceremony

ACCA 2016 Residential Contractor of the Year Award Ceremony

Welsch Heating & Cooling Co. has been named as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America(ACCA), National Residential Contractor of the Year. George “Butch” Welsch and Denise Webb, Service Manager accepted the Award at the ACCA National Conference in Charlotte, N.C. March 10.

Air FilterRecently a customer called and said they were not getting any air flow in their home. They were asked if they had checked the filter. The answer was: “not in the last 3 years”. This is a picture of the filter. This is why we recommend that you check your filters at least every 3 months.


We strongly encourage you to provide a review of our company performance when we have served you. Potential future customers like to know what others are saying about our company. Normally we just post reviews on our website, but thought this one good enough that it was worth repeating here:

“I just wanted to let you know directly too how much I appreciate everyone’s good work there. The HVAC unit has been humming along flawlessly and both I, and my wife, are grateful for the high quality of workmanship and truly working to think about us as customers with money saving advice from Brian. I had contacted several other companies before yours to see about having the repair work done.   There was one company that was looking promising, with a low diagnostic cost, but they then made other statements on the phone that clearly were signs the costs were going to be significant.  In one case concluding on the phone, without even seeing the unit, that the compressor would likely need to be replaced. I am a software engineer as well as pilot and professional photographer, so I understand about logic, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and applying fixes.   I knew a jump like that by the other company was not even reasonable, and a precursor of a setup to replace the unit.   I can’t guarantee that is what they were going to do, but it didn’t give me a sense of ease or professionalism. I’m really glad I went with your company.  The professionalism, and honesty, are highly valued, and I’m certain saved me money. I wanted to express this more completely than the review engine allows.   Please do feel free to pass this along to the team there.   It is wonderful to find a great company with such quality staff”.     Bob G.