Employees of the Month – July 2016


So many of our employees do such an extraordinary job that it does become difficult to choose and Employee of the Month. This month we feel it appropriate to choose two Employees of the Month.

One: Terri Broz – Sales Coordinator. In July, our Replacement Department tied the largest Sales for any July and was the fourth highest Replacement Sales ever. Teri has to coordinate all of the calls for the Sales Engineers, make sure all of the paperwork is created properly, make sure permits are pulled properly, deal with and arrange with the customers for the necessary inspections, along with a myriad of other details. This is something she excelled in not only this month, but handles every month. She definitely deserves to be our Employee of the Month.

Two: Colleen Schaffer – Customer Service Representative in Service Dept. We have been working with one person short in the Service Department for two months. During this time, we had a record number of Service Calls in June and were also extremely busy in July. Colleen has had to do an exceptional amount of additional work to help make up for Jenni’s absence. And she, as all of the Service Department, manage to do those tasks, with a smile on her face. Colleen has done a great job of picking up for our missing person and deserves to be our Employee of the Month.

Congratulations to Colleen and Teri.



As you know, June was an extremely hot month and we were extremely busy. As a result many, many of our employees went the extra mile to help us get through those busy times. The Service Department was still short handed, yet somehow managed to take every call and satisfy (hopefully) every customer. There are so many that worked extra hours and did work in departments other than their own normal department, that it would be impossible to single out just one individual. That just wouldn’t be right for all of the others who also worked extra to help us provide our Mission of being the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Co. in the St. Louis area. Thanks to all 80 of our Employees for all of their efforts.

Our Employee of the Month for May is our entire team that has come together to help the Service Department through a rough month.

Denise Webb, our Service Manager, asked if she could write up our “Employee of the Month” for May and what she wrote is shown below, and we all agree completely. There is one thing which she naturally left out. That is, in order to make all of these “changes on the fly” workout, takes good leadership. She didn’t mention that she is the one that made it all work and Denise certainly needs to be included in the group she referred to but didn’t mention. Thanks and congratulations to all for stepping up and filling in. – Butch

“Try as I may there are too many of you that are deserving of the Employee of the Month for May for us to begin to choose just one. Let me explain. As some of you may or may not know the Service Department has had more than its share of, let’s call them mishaps, in the month of May. Jenni who works in the Service office was involved in a serious head on collision while coming to work one morning a couple of weeks ago. She has a broken left leg and right foot, both which required separate surgeries. She’s home and healing but we do not know how long she will be out of work. Over Memorial weekend, Alex a Service Apprentice, tripped and fell into a fire suffering 3rd degree burns on his left arm and superficial burns on other parts of his body. He underwent skin grafts this past Monday. We also do not know how long Alex will be out of work. So here is where so many of you have come in to play. With Jenni out, the service office is doing the work of 5 people, while only having 4 here during the busiest time of the year. All of the office staff has stepped up and pitched in to help keep the service department paperwork flowing as smoothly as possible. Meanwhile with Alex out scheduling repair work and repair deliveries has also been challenging. The service technicians are doing their best to sometimes work without the extra set of hands on a job that can be so very important. Both the replacement and new construction departments have sent guys over to service to help be that extra set of hands and also help get the deliveries done. The shop guys and teamsters have also helped make pickups and deliveries to job sites. I do not want to leave a single individual out who has stepped in to help and there are far too many to remember so I am not using specific names. I want to share a very heartfelt Thank You to all of you and you can understand why it is impossible to pick just one individual. Jenni and Alex we wish you both a very quick recovery and hope to see both of you back at work very soon !!”