Employee of the Month -August 2015

Employee of the Month

Our Employee of the Month for the month of August is installer, etc. Dave Summers. We are very excited to be honoring Dave at this time because it is a very special time in Dave’s life. As many of you may be aware Dave has been on a list waiting for a kidney transplant for several years. Dave’s condition varied from day to day but statistically he was always just short of the position where he needed dialysis. However, as far as the company his concerned, Dave was always on the job, always anxious to go to work, even though it may not have been one of his better days. One of his co-workers says Dave was always the first one to crawl into the attic or to get into the weirdest or most difficult of positions. And he did this without complaining about his condition, or how he felt at that time. He also lived every day waiting( and worrying/wondering) for the call to come that the hospital had an appropriate kidney for him. Well finally, right at the end of August, the call came and immediately Dave was operated on to transplant the new kidney. I am delighted to say that Dave is home, recuperating and doing well. For all he does for us and all he has gone through, Dave Summers is a perfect choice for our Employee of the month for August 2015.


The furnace went out during a cold snap in March. Welsch was here with different options available from repair to a new unit. We opted for a new air conditioner and heater as the old one was close to 15 years old. They were competitive with other dealers so we...

Jean P.

Rick did an outstanding job of assessing my needs, making appropriate suggestions, and fielding follow-up questions in a timely manner. The install crew was efficient and completed the install by early afternoon. While the crew did remove all the old components the basement floor could have used a sweeping –...

Larry M.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Ed was our family repairman for a long time — I have good memories of him giving me broken parts to play with/disassemble when I was a kid!

Nick S.

We’ve been customers of Welsch Heating and Cooling for the past 40 years. There has never been one time when their service has not been exemplary!

Debbi H.

Rick, your guys were very professional and left the place clean.  Tell them I appreciate it.

Ken S.

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