Employee of the Month -September 2015

Employee of the Month

We are going to give just two examples of why we have chosen, Service Technician, Brian Chiesa, as our Employee of the Month for Sept. 2015.
Example 1.

Brian got a call to go to a fall service clean and check. The homeowners were a very elderly couple. They have a reusable/cleanable air filter in the furnace. He took it outside and properly cleaned it. When he was all finished, the air filter was still pretty wet and he was not comfortable reinstalling it yet. He temporarily installed a paper filter in its place and told the homeowners what to do when the filter dries. He noticed the husband has had a stroke sometime in his life but seemed to be ok at that time. Just in passing he mentioned to the salesmen what a wonderful couple they were.

Less than 2 weeks later he got a service call to return to the elderly couples’ home. Brian went to the door and the wife answered. She asked Brian “what direction does the air filter go in?” He told her, but said, “let me just put it back in for you”. As they were on the way to the basement Brian asked “where’s your husband?” The wife with a wavering voice said he passed away last week. He obviously gave her his condolences. He assured her all her HVAC need will be something that she will not have to worry about. We (Welsch) are just a quick phone call away.

Then to sweeten the deal, since the cleanable filters are quite a bit of work for anyone to install, he gave her a few paper filters free of charge. He showed her how to put them in and told her that this will be enough filters to get her to her next maintenance. This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box and doing the right thing.

Example 2

While I don’t have as many details on this example, I want to relay it because I (Butch) personally saw it happening. Driving home one evening on Olive St Rd. near an intersection, I saw one of our service trucks parked with no one inside. I was naturally concerned and looking in that direction saw someone helping what appeared to be an elderly man getting up from the street. I was naturally concerned an accident had occurred, but due to my position and the traffic on Olive at that time was unable to pull over in that direction. When I informed Denise, in service, she was already aware of the situation. It seems that Brian Chiesa was at the intersection and saw this elderly gentleman attempting to put a sign in the ground fall onto the street. As a result Brian pulled over and rushed to assist the gentleman before anything more serious happened.
This example of going out of your way for someone is what our company is all about.

Congratulations to Brian Chiesa –well deserved Employee of the Month for September 2015.


Yesterday (Thursday) I called with an air conditioning problem.  After my call a serviceman contacted me (he was working in North County) letting me know that he will call again.  He did and 15 min later he arrived, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. The heat was suffocating, I watched...

Frank H.

Just wanted to say thank you for the good service earlier today.  Phil came to our house this morning and got our A/C unit back up and running and the house is quite cool now.  Be sure to thank him for me – it’s nice to actually have to turn...

Chris N.

Steve W. arrived on time. He cleaned out the air filters and showed me how dirty they were. He checked the outdoor AC units and cleaned them out. Said there was a lot of pine needles in them. One of the AC units was slightly low on freon and he...

Kyle P.

Installation technicians were here on time saw them a few minutes before they knocked at the appointment time.  I really felt bad for them considering the weather today.  But, they are really hard working professionals and weather did not impede them!  They installed both a new furnace and air conditioning...

Paul S.

Welsch Heating and Cooling has always been a great company for my family’s HVAC needs. Pure professionals!


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