Which Rooms in Your House are Always Too Hot or Too Cold?

If you were to think of the hottest room of your home, what would it be? More often than not people say it’s their bedroom. Thats kind of odd, the bedroom is supposed to be a comfortable room because that’s where we sleep. Most people tell us that the most comfortable room of their house is the hallway. Who wants to sleep in a hallway?

Don’t be concerned, you’re not alone. This problem is not uncommon among St. Louis Homes. The issue is usually caused by architectural design that wasn’t properly thought out. It could have not enough returns or vents, maybe too many vents, the list goes on. While many architects design beautiful spaces that are livable and welcoming, many fail to think about cooling it effectively. The problem could also be an old heat pump that is inefficient and can’t compete with extremely hot or cold days.

Some Common Rooms That are Usually Too Hot or Cold Are:

  • Bedrooms
  • F.R.O.G.s (Finished Rooms Over Garages)
  • 4 Season Rooms and Sunrooms
  • Home Gyms or Entertainment Rooms
  • Garages

All of these rooms except from the bedroom have a simple explanation; there is no ductwork so there is no airflow or air conditioning.

Temporary Fixes Just Don’t Cut It

We don’t blame you for trying. We’ve tried them too and they simply don’t work..

  • Ceiling or Boxed Fans
  • Electric Heaters
  • Noisy ineffective Window Units

Use Ductless Mini Splits to Make Your Home Comfortable

Samsung is world renown for the quality and durability of their personal electronic devices and household appliances. Samsung has just launched their line of Ductless Mini Splits called the PEARL, which is the perfect system for controlling the comfort of those rooms in your home that are hard to control.

The Samsung PEARL is a new Ductless Mini Split system that is available in straight A/C or heat pump. In comparison to other offerings on the market, Ductless Mini Split HVAC systems are more effective and efficient at controlling the comfort of rooms that are hard to control. Conventional heat pump systems have a standard rating of 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) while SAMSUNG Heat Pumps offer an incredible 28.1 SEER.

Samsung PEARL Ductless Mini Split Advantages for Homes with Hard to Control Rooms

  • Highly Efficient and Effective (20-40% savings!)
  • Virtually No Noise (They’re quieter than your Fridge!)
  • Quiet inside
  • Quiet outside
  • Simple to integrate into a multi zone system
  • Smartphone Friendly (Built in Wifi, Works with App)
  • Lower Cost to Install (No Ducts!)


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