Employee of the Month – April 2016

Our Employee of the Month for April 2016 is Service Technician, Scott Pires. Scott was highly recommended for the award by the Custom Home division for his help there and also by the Replacement Department for this effort. Scott took on a very large project regarding a 20 ton Geo thermal pool pump. When he started the project he had absolutely zero information on how the complex system worked. He took the time to call the manufacturers of the products and did all the needed investigating regarding how the system worked. When he had a handle on how everything worked he then figured out the multiple problems within the system. He priced out what it would take to redo the system the correct way and ultimately got the job! This is a perfect example of thinking and working outside of the box. He could’ve easily walked away and said “we don’t do this type of work”.

For this kind of effort Scott Pires is our Employee of the Month.


I cannot remember the cost, but we got a new furnace and AC unit. They also installed a new thermostat that does wifi. I was pleased with their prompt, neat service.

Barbara U.

I was very happy with the prompt, professional service when we purchased our new furnace. All options were presented in a clear, concise way. I would definite recommend Welsch.

Mary H.

On another note, my mother received her very generous Bread Co. gift card (for recommending you to me).  She has promised to take me out for a delicious lunch.  We both thank you.  It is difficult to find businesses today that provide personal and dependable service.  The Welsch company is...

Cindy N.

Had one air conditioner serviced. Tech was punctual and professional.I appreciated the update as to when the tech would arrive.

Paul K.

Very fast installation Our gas furnace replacement was completed in less than 2 hours! Everything was cleaned up and working in about half the time I expected.

Very fast installation

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