When Should I Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance Service?

When the weather gets warmer in St. Louis, many people start spring cleaning. This usually means cleaning the gutters, weeding the garden, and mowing the lawn for the first time this year. But one chore that should also be on your list this spring is scheduling air conditioner maintenance service.

Welsch Heating & Cooling is your go-to company for comprehensive spring air conditioning maintenance. If you haven’t had maintenance before, or you’re looking for a new St. Louis HVAC company for service, schedule your maintenance appointment with Welsch today.

Why Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance should be done every year. Like a car, your HVAC system needs service occasionally to run well. Here are a few reasons why you should schedule maintenance.

Prep Your System Ahead of Time

Scheduling your maintenance is a great idea because it prepares the system for the hot summer months. Your system will be restored to peak efficiency levels so it’s ready to tackle hot summer temperatures.

Avoid Air Conditioner Repair Issues and Breakdowns

Once the weather begins to warm, you’ll transition from using heat to cooling. Springtime is that middle season where you might not have either system running and instead opt for opening your windows to let fresh air in. Your HVAC technician can test for issues with your cooling system and fix them. Get ahead of breakdowns and emergencies by scheduling routine maintenance in the spring to prevent these issues from occurring.

What Is Included With an Air Conditioner Maintenance Service?

When you call Welsch Heating and Cooling for air conditioning maintenance service, you’ll be treated to a variety of services that will benefit your air conditioning unit – and your comfort. Your technician will go through a comprehensive checklist which includes:

  • We will check the air filters to see if they need to be replaced or cleaned.
  • We will check your coolant levels to make sure they are at appropriate levels.
  • Our team will tighten all loose brackets or screws.
  • We will take a look at the blower system to make sure it is working appropriately.
  • We will completely evaluate your thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly.
  • A professional from our team will lubricate moving parts to reduce wear and tear if applicable.
  • We will also clean your condenser coils to improve their efficiency.
  • We can test your electrical components to make sure they are working safely.
  • Count on us to provide you with comprehensive air conditioner service.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Maintaining your air conditioner on a regular basis will help it last longer, making sure you get the most years out of your appliance as possible. Besides the health of your system, it’s good to stay on top of air conditioning maintenance because many manufacturer’s warranties require regular maintenance to stay valid. Without these warranties in place, some repairs can become very expensive.

The biggest benefit of HVAC maintenance is restoring your system to peak efficiency. Once your unit has been tuned up, it’ll work effectively and use as little energy as possible to cool your home. Not only does this help conserve energy, but you may even notice lower energy bills after the service has been performed.

During your appointment, be sure to talk to your AC unit technician about any particular issues it may be experiencing. Maintenance service will be able to help improve the performance of your air conditioner, and your technician will be able to fix small issues before they become big problems. This will save you lots of money if you don’t have to call us for emergency repairs in the summer. If your technician suggests major repairs, ask them if it is worth it to replace your air conditioner. Welsch also provides air conditioning installation services so you’ll stay comfortable with minimal interruption.

Call Welsch to Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Our air conditioner maintenance service schedules fill up fast. The sooner you call us to schedule your appointment, the sooner we’ll be able to look at your system. Contact Welsch Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment today.


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Dick O.

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Had one air conditioner serviced. Tech was punctual and professional.I appreciated the update as to when the tech would arrive.

Paul K.

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