Energy Efficient Thermostat Tips

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Are you keeping your home too hot or too cold each season? You want to keep cool this summer without having to worry about a very high energy bill. Welsch Heating & Cooling helps you save on your air conditioning bills with energy-efficient thermostat tips to keep you comfortable throughout the hot temperatures this summer.

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Summer

Find a temperature that works for you and stick with it consistently to get an idea of your average energy consumption. Everyone has a different personal preference when it comes to a comfortable home temperature. It’s a good practice to find a temperature that works for you and to stick with it.

Other Energy Saving Tips

To help keep your air conditioning running efficiently, make sure you have your system maintained regularly to keep it running at peak performance levels, and be sure to change your air filters regularly to maintain consistent airflow. Doing these steps can also keep your home comfortable throughout, as well as your energy bills low.

Another way to save energy is to adjust your thermostat setting for when you are sleeping. People tend to sleep better when in a cooler environment, so you will want to be sure to change your thermostat back to a warmer temperature once you wake up. This temperature change can help improve your energy savings.

How Programmable Thermostats Help You Save

Thermostats are an important part of our everyday lives, and homeowners can use them to lower HVAC system energy consumption. Programmable thermostats are extremely useful for helping with your HVAC system’s energy efficiency as well as a way to save money on heating and cooling costs. With a programmable thermostat, implementing recommended temperature settings throughout the day is very simple.

You can create a schedule for temperature adjustments throughout the day, and then you won’t have to change it again for the season. You can set your thermostat settings to adjust to a lower temperature to use less energy when your house is empty, and then return it to a comfortable temperature before you come home. Programmable thermostats make saving energy easy, it just takes some experimentation and fine tuning to find the perfect temperature range for your home.

Set Your Thermostat for Year-Round Comfort

When it comes to thermostat settings, comfort should be your number one priority. However, you may want to adjust your thermostat to save on energy costs. By following these tips, you can help your cooling system run more efficiently this summer.

To learn more about efficient thermostat settings for your St. Louis area home, contact Welsch Heating & Cooling.


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