Boilers are an efficient way to heat homes and businesses in the St. Louis, MO area. If you’re shopping for a new heating system, contact Welsch Heating & Cooling to learn whether a boiler system might be right for your home.

Boiler Installation Services in St. Louis, MO

Welsch Heating & Cooling has the experience to install boiler systems in new homes or repair or replace the boiler in an older home. The benefits of going with a boiler for heating include:

  • Increased energy efficiency. Boilers use less energy because they heat water, not air. 
  • Long life cycles. While many industry specialists suggest replacing the boiler every decade, some boilers run perfectly for 30 or more years. 
  • Fewer allergens. Since the boiler does not heat air or use ducting, they are not pushing dust, pet dander, mold or mildew spores, or other allergens. 
  • Even heat distribution. Because boilers radiate heat, heat is evenly distributed, especially when using a boiler for radiant flooring. 
  • They are excellent for new homes or businesses because you can use them for heated floor systems. 

Boilers solve many other heating system problems, such as increased allergies, uneven heating, and increased energy usage. Is a boiler right for your new home? Give us a call, and we can help answer your questions about boilers.


Boiler Repair Services in St. Louis, MO

Like many heating devices, a boiler will sometimes require repairs. When your boiler is not functioning correctly, call Welsch Heating & Cooling. Our professional heating and cooling technicians are fully experienced with boiler repair and maintenance. 

With over 125 years of servicing heating units, including boilers, Welsch Heating & Cooling is your one-stop shop for boiler repair services. We are also available to provide emergency boiler repair services.


Boiler Tune-Up Services in St. Louis, MO

While boilers are more energy efficient than many other heating appliances, they can quickly become inefficient without regular maintenance. 

A tune-up keeps your boiler operating at factory specifications and within the high-efficiency range, making boilers such a good investment. When you call for boiler maintenance, you are investing in lower fuel costs, decreased repair calls, a longer lifespan, and fewer times when there is no heat. 

During a tune-up, we inspect the boiler for minor issues that can become catastrophic if not corrected. We also clean the boiler to ensure efficient operation. We also test and look for leaks that can cause the boiler to drop its efficiency level. 

These points help keep boilers operating efficiently, which helps reduce energy costs. A boiler tune-up is a great way to prevent breakdowns, keep energy costs low, and create a more comfortable indoor environment.


Boiler Services in the St. Louis, MO area

Boilers are a common way people heat their homes and businesses in the St. Louis area, and Welsch Heating & Cooling is your local expert for boiler care and maintenance. We offer a full range of boiler services from regular maintenance to emergency installation. 

We bring over 125 years of experience to every service call. We also are happy that each of our service technicians is professional, experienced, courteous, and efficient. 

When you need heating or cooling service, reach out to the company that offers the best experience, competitive rates, access to financing, and a competent professional service team that focuses on customer service. 

We are here for you when your boiler system needs service. So call us today to set up a service appointment or to answer any questions. We are here to help. 


Schedule Boiler Services With Welsch Heating & Cooling Today

With a full line of services for boiler heating systems, Welsch Heating & Cooling is the company to trust for quality and dependable heating and cooling care. We specialize in boiler systems and offer regular maintenance, tune-up, repair, and new installation services for boilers. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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I would like to compliment you on the quality of work and courtesy of the technicians who did the installation.  These employees are certainly an asset to your firm.

Dan J.

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