Commercial HVAC Installation

Commercial HVAC Installation

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot to worry about, let’s not make your HVAC system one of those things. We are Welsch Heating & Cooling and we offer HVAC installation services to new businesses all over the St. Louis area.  You can rely on our commercial HVAC services to set you up with the best HVAC equipment in the industry. Our commercial HVAC contractors have a tremendous amount of experience, and we can use this to help you find the right commercial heating solution for your business.

There are numerous HVAC systems out there, and we can help you find the right air conditioner and heating system to fit your business’ needs. We will help you compare the benefits and drawbacks of various commercial systems, allowing you to select the right air conditioner for your business. Learn more about our services below, and contact us today for the best commercial HVAC system installation in the field. 



Types of Commercial HVAC Systems Welsch Installs

If you are looking for a new commercial HVAC unit, we provide commercial HVAC repair and installation services. Some of the most common heating and cooling units we install on commercial properties include: 

Rooftop Units

Rooftop units are great if you have a commercial property with multiple tenants, want to maximize the space within your property, or are planning to expand your business in the future. You’ll want to invest in a rooftop unit for its flexibility and noise-reducing qualities. 

Split System

Some St. Louis area businesses like the idea of having their furnace inside and their air conditioner outside, just like many residential systems are. This is called a split system and many commercial properties like their HVAC system are to be separated this way. 

Ductless Splits

If you don’t want to run ductwork as a part of your new HVAC system, we might be able to install ductless splits in your commercial building. Many businesses have gone with these cooling systems, for their easy installation, flexible placement, and individual controls. 

Packaged Units

Packaged units are great for commercial spaces that want to maximize their indoor space, but do not have a strong enough roof to support a rooftop unit. Both your heating and cooling systems are in one compact unit that can be easily installed and maintained. 


Our HVAC experts can also install new ductwork. Our HVAC experts and service technicians can install new ductwork, making sure there are no leaks before we move forward. Regular maintenance is also a part of making sure your duct system is operating as it should. 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

Some of the several signs you need to contact our heating cooling company for a new commercial HVAC system include:

HVAC Unit Constantly Breaks Down

If your HVAC system is constantly breaking down, you need to reach out to us for your greater St Louis commercial HVAC replacement. There are many factors that could be contributing to the breakdown of your system, but you don’t want to continue sinking money into a system that constantly breaks on you.

Repairs Cost More Than Replacement 

If the cost of repairing your unit is more than the cost of replacing it, it is better to install a new system with the help of a licensed commercial heating and cooling professional. We can make sure that your customers and employees have a reliable source of heat and cool air. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your indoor air quality is starting to suffer, the job performance of your employees may suffer as well. Our company would be happy to take a look at your air quality and figure out what we need to do to make your business a healthy, safe place in which to work. 



Why You Can Trust Welsch Heating & Cooling for Commercial HVAC Equipment Installations

If you are looking for a team in St. Louis that can help you install a new commercial HVAC unit, Welsch Heating and Cooling can help you. We can install a wide variety of systems including a heat pump, boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, and geothermal units. We can also handle any brand of heating or cooling system. Furthermore, you can count on us to perform routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and professional advice. We’re the company many St. Louis business owners call on when they have issues with their commercial systems. Call us today to see why. 

Call Welsch Heating & Cooling for Your Commercial HVAC Services and Installation

Your business deserves a reliable source of heating and cooling. If you think you need to replace your commercial HVAC unit, do not wait. Call us to learn more about how we can help you find the right commercial HVAC system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



Beginning with the initial contact I felt comfortable with the completeness of information given and the professionalism during bidding and installation. Installers were respectful and willing to answer any questions. This first experience along with the recommendations received from friends assure me this is a company I know I can...


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Dennis D.

I have always received good service from Welsch. Today Brian C. came for my annual furnace service. He was very professional, yet friendly. He happened to arrive at a moment of crisis, as the float broke off of my sump pump just a few minutes before. He was extra patient,...

Helen P.

Lost air conditioning on Labor Day weekend when it was high 90’s. They actually came out on Labor Day and found the problem. It was the blower on the furnace. Serviceman recommended that I replace the furnace, which I did. The cost to put in a new blower was almost...


Our family tried 4 other company’s in St. Louis to replace old boiler and three AC units for a 4,500 sq. ft. , 100 year old home. It was a VERY complex project involving a lot of thought and creativity. The project was also completed a week before its expected...


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