Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC Services

Everyone hates when they walk into a building and it’s just as hot inside the building as it is outside. It’s very important to keep your business comfortable, not just for the environment of your employees but also for any customers or clients that walk in. If customers think that you can’t control the climate in your own building very well, what are they going to think about the goods and services that you offer? 

Keep your St. Louis business comfortable in every season with help from Welsch heating and cooling. We’re your heating, cooling and indoor air quality specialists. Call us today to see how we can help your commercial property. 



Commercial Heating Services

Do your office employees have space heaters under their desks? Do customers walk into your restaurant and keep their coats on for the whole meal? These could be signs that your furnace needs some fine tuning to keep your office comfortable for everyone. Welsch offers a variety of heating services for our commercial customers. 

Commercial Heating Installation Services

Large buildings need lots of heat, and the expert technicians at Welsch can handle any size furnace installation. If you’re unsure if your furnace will meet the heating needs of your building, call us to help assess your situation. We can guide you through the furnace installation process and help you find the right sized unit, or units, to keep your business warm during the coldest weather. 

Commercial Heating Repair Services

Furnace breakdowns aren’t just an issue for homeowners, because it can happen to commercial sized furnaces too. Having no heat could lead to frozen and burst pipes. When your heater is on the fritz, call the expert furnace repair technicians at Welsch. We’ll have your business warm again in no time. 

At Welsch, we understand that time is money. We’re a hard working business ourselves, who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services for any kind of heating or cooling emergency. 

Commercial Heating Maintenance

The key to making your furnace last as long as possible is taking care of it properly. You can change your air filters on a regular basis to help maintain performance, but the best way to take care of your furnace is to have it tuned up by an experienced HVAC technician. 

During regular heating maintenance, we’ll inspect, clean, lubricate, and test all the parts and pieces of your furnace. If we notice any potential issues, we’ll bring them to your attention right away. 


Commercial Air Conditioning Services

In the summer, many people like to go to movie theaters or shopping malls on hot days. Why? Because it’s cool in these places. Make sure your air conditioning is providing accurate relief from the heat with professional commercial air conditioning services from Welsch. We can make your business comfortably cool. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Want to be the coolest store on the block? Then have a new air conditioner installed by the best HVAC technicians in St. Louis. Call Welsch to install air conditioners small and large in your office or large. 

Our team will work with you to pick out the best commercial HVAC system to fit your space requirements. We’ll make sure everything is installed properly and efficiently so you can start enjoying the air conditioning in your office. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

It’s always a good idea to pay attention to your heating and cooling bills to make sure everything is running as it should. A big sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner is if your cooling bills suddenly skyrocket. This may mean that something inside the air conditioner isn’t working properly and is causing your air conditioner to use more energy than it does normally to cool the air.

Air conditioning doesn’t just help with heat, it can help with humidity too. So if your office isn’t physically hot, but the air seems heavy, this could be a sign you need air conditioning repairs. If your air conditioner is making strange noises, or your smelling odd odors when it runs, call Welsch for repairs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like your furnace, your air conditioner’s lifespan depends on how well the air conditioner is maintained. Regular air conditioning maintenance can help keep your utility bills low, lower your chance of breakdowns, and keep your indoor air quality good. Don’t skip this important step. It’s much more affordable to pay a regular maintenance fee than it is to pay emergency repairs when your air conditioning stops working. 



Why Trust Welsch for Commercial HVAC Services

At Welsch, we have over 100 years of experience helping our St. Louis businesses thrive in our community by helping them with their heating and cooling needs. We have a great reputation with our repeat customers. Our team is full of NATE-certified technicians, so you know your work will be done right the first time.  We service all brands of furnaces and air conditioners. If you need to replace either unit, we have a wide variety of commercial-sized HVAC systems from reputable brands to choose from. 

Our team has won numerous awards from industry professionals and customers alike, and our reviews agree. Ask some of your neighbors or your landlord about which HVAC companies they trust, and we bet Welsch heating and cooling is on their list. Check out our reviews and see why so many customers trust Welsch for all of their air conditioning services.


Contact Welsch for Commercial HVAC Services in St. Louis, MO

Whether you’re starting a new business or just need help keeping your current commercial property comfortable, trust Welsch heating and cooling for all your climate control needs. We have helped lots of businesses in the St. Louis area, and we’re ready to help you next. Call us today to learn more about our commercial services. 


Just wanted to say thank you for the good service earlier today.  Phil came to our house this morning and got our A/C unit back up and running and the house is quite cool now.  Be sure to thank him for me – it’s nice to actually have to turn...

Chris N.

Steve W. arrived on time. He cleaned out the air filters and showed me how dirty they were. He checked the outdoor AC units and cleaned them out. Said there was a lot of pine needles in them. One of the AC units was slightly low on freon and he...

Kyle P.

Rick did an outstanding job of assessing my needs, making appropriate suggestions, and fielding follow-up questions in a timely manner. The install crew was efficient and completed the install by early afternoon. While the crew did remove all the old components the basement floor could have used a sweeping –...

Larry M.

I just wanted to drop a note of sincere “thanks” for the wonderful service we received today. When my kids called me this afternoon to tell me that the A/C was blowing warm air and that it was 84 degrees in the house, I immediately called Welsch’s emergency service line...

Jane C.

They installed a new furnace and a-coil for us. The installers were very professional and did a great job.

Mike S.

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