Heat Pump Tune-Up

Heat Pump Tune-Up

St. Louis, MO, winters can be unbearably cold and the summers scorchingly hot. The best way to create reliable indoor ambient air temperatures for your home or business is through quality maintenance services for your heat pump system. 

Quality maintenance for your heat pump reduces the risk of catastrophic breakdowns and keeps your heat pump running at peak efficiency throughout the entire year. 

Benefits of a Heat Pump Tune-Up

Tuning up your heat pump system offers several benefits. Those include:


Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

A tune-up for your heat pump means it runs at its most efficient level and therefore reduces the amount of energy needed to create the perfect ambient indoor temperature. 


Higher System Efficiency

Heat pump maintenance means the unit runs at peak efficiency, allowing the unit to heat or cool your home efficiently. The higher efficiency reduces wear and tear on the unit and uses the least energy.


Greater Temperature Control

Your heat pump has an easier time heating and cooling your home or business when maintenance is performed. In addition, that process gives you greater control over creating the perfect indoor ambient temperatures all year long. 


Catch Minor Issues Before They Grow

Every heating and cooling system will have minor issues eventually. A heat pump system is no different. However, because heating pump systems need maintenance services twice per year, the maintenance process catches minor issues before they lead to serious repair issues. That means you save money on major repairs and drop the hassle of losing heating or cooling when you need it most. 


How Often Do Heat Pumps Require a Tune-Up?

Furnaces, and boilers generally require a single maintenance call per year. A heat pump system that only provides heating needs a maintenance service call once per year, usually in the early fall. On the other hand, a heat pump system that sees usage all year long with heating and cooling requires maintenance every six months or twice per year. 

Because a heat pump system also cools your home in the summer, maintenance twice per year helps:

  • The system free of more minor problems, such as coolant leaks
  • The unit operates efficiently, so it uses less fuel
  • Prevent catastrophic breakdowns
  • Save money by keeping energy costs as low as possible. 

Maintaining a heat pump system is the best investment you can make for extending its life. 


Enjoy Greater System Efficiency With Tune-Up Services

The more efficient your heat pump system is, the easier it is to keep your home warm or cool. The efficiency of a heat pump means that:

  • Energy bills remain low since the unit is working at peak efficiency; it requires less fuel. 
  • The unit has a much easier time heating the same space than when it is not running at peak efficiency.
  • You have a much easier time adjusting the heating or cooling levels within your home or business, making it easy to find the perfect ambient indoor temperature. 

The efficiency of a heat pump system is all about cost, comfort, and the ease of creating the perfect indoor comfort level. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your heat pump system is operating correctly. 


Why Should You Choose Welsch Heating & Cooling?

As a professional heating and cooling company that provides excellent service throughout the St. Louis, MO community, Welsch Heating & Cooling is your best bet for reliable, honest, and comprehensive heating and cooling services. 

We’ve been serving our community for over 125 years, and we continue to provide quality heating and cooling services with a focus on customer needs. Our highly trained and professional service technicians are uniformed, courteous, and highly efficient at maintaining heating and cooling equipment. 

We have a large fleet of technicians and teams that provide regular maintenance, repairs, the installation of new units, and emergency heating and cooling services. With our focus on quality work, parts, and machines, and our goal to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, we are the perfect choice for heating and cooling services. 

Give us a call today and discover why we’ve been in business so long.


Heat Pump Tune-Up Services in St. Louis, MO

When you need a professional heating and cooling specialist, call the Welsch Heating & Cooling team. With over 125 years of experience helping customers solve heating and cooling problems, we have the experience to help maintain, fix, or install a new unit in your home or business. Call us today to schedule a service call or emergency service call. We are happy to answer your questions.


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