Heating Services

Heating Services

St. Louis winters can be challenging and freezing cold. Without a heating system you can trust for the entire winter, you are at risk of being displaced or worse. If your heating system needs attention during the winter, call the pros at Welsch Heating & Cooling. With 125 years of serving the St. Louis community, we have the experience, tools, and professionals to keep your furnace running all winter long. 

Heating Installation Services

Call the experts at Welsch Heating & Cooling when you need a new furnace. Whether you are building a new home or replacing the furnace in your existing home, we can help. 

We install furnaces that are well made, durable, and have a positive track record. When you need a new furnace, call Welsch Heating & Cooling, and we will provide you with a reliable system.

Welsch offers:

We also help with full remodels where you change from a boiler to a furnace or heat pump. 

Heating Repair Services

If your furnace or heating system is not performing as expected, give Welch Heating & Cooling a call. We provide exceptional heating repair services, no matter the system. Some of the common signs that your heating system is not functioning include: 

  • Poor heat distribution. Larger rooms are not warming like they used to. 
  • Cold spots throughout the home. The indoor ambient temperature is not equal. 
  • Short cycling. The furnace is turning on and off more often than it used to do. 
  • The system won’t turn on. There is no power to the system and, therefore, no heat. 

Welsch Heating & Cooling recommends that you call for service as soon as you begin to notice changes in how your heating system performs. Catching some issues early before they become permanent damage can save homeowners a lot of money. 

Heating Maintenance Services

Furnaces and heating systems should be maintained by a professional once per year. However, if your home has an older system, consider calling for maintenance twice per year. 

A heat pump needs servicing twice per year, once before winter hits and once before the heat of summer begins. 

Heating system maintenance keeps your heating system operating at its most efficient levels. Efficiency in a heating system is a measurement of how well the unit does its job compared to how much energy it uses. As units age, they require more energy to do the same amount of heating. 

When you call Welsch Heating & Cooling, we maintain your heating system so that it is:

  • Clean
  • The burner or heating element is free of debris or corrosion
  • Safe to use without fumes or gas buildup
  • Functioning at peak efficiency 
  • Free of loose or broken parts

A well-maintained heating system will see you through the worst of winter weather. Our heating and cooling technicians are highly trained and work quickly to maintain your heating system. Some common signs your heating system needs servicing include:

  • The heating system is slow to start
  • The unit is not heating the home or business thoroughly 
  • You can smell funny odors
  • The CO2 monitor goes off
  • The unit is loud
  • The heating system cycles often

Any one of these symptoms can be a severe issue. Please call for service immediately before the issues become severe.  

The Best Heating Services in St. Louis, MO

Welsch Heating & Cooling brings 125 years of experience keeping St. Louis homes and businesses comfortable. Our professional heating and cooling technicians offer quality HVAC service. 

Experience is essential in the heating and cooling industry. Because each technician is highly trained and experienced, you get faster and more comprehensive service with accurate diagnostics and thorough maintenance, repairs, or replacement service. 

We focus on the customer so that we address each of your concerns while providing top-notch heating and cooling services. Each member of our team is professional, courteous, and skilled. The results are happy customers who enjoy the perfect ambient temperature year-round. 

We offer carefully manicured services that fit the seasonal needs of each type of customer we have; both residential or commercial. As each home or business is different, each has its own set of unique heating and cooling challenges. So when you call Welsch Heating & Cooling, you get the best service with quick response times and thorough service calls. 

If your HVAC system needs maintenance, repairs, or replacing, call Welsch Heating & Cooling, and experience the positive difference. 

Contact Welsch Heating & Cooling for Heating Services

With over 125 years of experience serving the St. Louis community, Welsch Heating & Cooling is your one-stop-shop for maintenance, repairs, and installation of heating and cooling systems. We keep your home or business comfortable for your family, employees, and customers. 

If your home or business needs heating or cooling system service, call and schedule an appointment today. Our fast, accurate, and professional team is available to quickly return your home or business to a place of comfort.


We just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service your company offers.  We have been clients for close to 20 years, having regularly scheduled service calls.  Well the time finally came again, last night we called about 9 PM…We got a human (shock!) and the service tech on...

Steve and Viki F.

On Sunday evening during the high heat, I called as the a/c was providing warm air.  I received a call that Service was alerted.  Without any intervention on my part, the problem was determined and a new a/c was in operation by 2:00 PM.  That’s “organization”.

Russ B.

You have done an excellent job coordinating and expediting all of our service work.  You have kept our owner and tenant happy!  Every representative I have met and worked with is an outstanding ambassador for your company.  Appearance, knowledge and service are second to none.  You are number one!  Please...

Roger S.

Yesterday (Thursday) I called with an air conditioning problem.  After my call a serviceman contacted me (he was working in North County) letting me know that he will call again.  He did and 15 min later he arrived, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. The heat was suffocating, I watched...

Frank H.

I have always received good service from Welsch. Today Brian C. came for my annual furnace service. He was very professional, yet friendly. He happened to arrive at a moment of crisis, as the float broke off of my sump pump just a few minutes before. He was extra patient,...

Helen P.

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